1SENDFAX(1)                  General Commands Manual                 SENDFAX(1)


6       sendfax - submit a facsimile job for transmission


9       sendfax [ options ] [ files...  ]


12       sendfax  submits  one  or  more  facsimile  transmission  requests to a
13       HylaFAX facsimile server.  sendfax may prompt the user for  a  password
14       and  admin  password  depending on the invocation and server configura‐
15       tion.  Requests are normally processed immediately, although  they  may
16       also  be queued for transmission at a later time using a syntax identi‐
17       cal to the at(1) command.  For each job that is queued, sendfax  prints
18       a  job identifier and a job group identifier on the standard output.  A
19       job identifier is  the  token  by  which  jobs  are  identified  within
20       HylaFAX; job group identifiers are used to reference a set of jobs that
21       have been submitted at the same time.  Job and  job  group  identifiers
22       can  be  supplied  to the faxrm(1) command to remove the jobs or to the
23       faxalter(1) command to alter job parameters.
25       Facsimile are made from the concatenation of a cover page  (see  below)
26       and  one  or more files specified on the command line.  If no files are
27       supplied on the command line, sendfax will read data from the  standard
28       input  unless  polling is requested.  Cover pages are distinguished for
29       the purpose of generating ``continuation cover pages'' on  the  server;
30       these  are makeup cover pages that are automatically generated if a job
31       fails after sending the original user-specified cover page.
33       sendfax passes POSTSCRIPT® and TIFF documents directly through  to  the
34       fax server for transmission, and attempts to convert other file formats
35       to either POSTSCRIPT or TIFF.  In normal  operation  sendfax  automati‐
36       cally  converts  ASCII-text,  troff(1) output, Portable Document Format
37       (PDF), and Silicon Graphics format images  for  transmission.   Support
38       for  other  file formats can be easily added through an extensible file
39       typing and conversion facility; see  typerules(5F).   Note  that  since
40       TIFF Class F documents are processed directly it is simple to forward a
41       received facsimile.
43       By default sendfax will generate a cover page for each  facsimile  that
44       is to be transmitted.  This cover page is created by the ancillary fax‐
45       cover(1) program using information deduced by sendfax and  by  informa‐
46       tion supplied on the command line.  Automatic cover page generation may
47       be suppressed with the -n option.
49       In addition to sending documents, sendfax can be used to poll a  remote
50       facsimile  machine  to retrieve waiting documents.  If the -p option is
51       specified, a polling request will be submitted to each destination.  If
52       a  poll  request  is made in conjunction with the transmission of docu‐
53       ments, the poll request will take place after the documents are  trans‐
54       mitted.   Documents  retrieved by polling are returned to the requestor
55       by electronic mail and may be viewed with a suitable viewer program.
57       One or more destinations must be specified on the  command  line  using
58       the  -d  option.  A destination is the dialing string to use to contact
59       the remote fax machine.  Phone  numbers  may  include  non-alphanumeric
60       characters  for  readability—only  alphanumerics, ``+'' (for denoting a
61       country code), and ``#'' (for denoting a subaddress) are significant in
62       placing  a  call.   Alphabetic  characters  are automatically mapped to
63       their numeric key  equivalents:  ``abcABC''  to  ``2'',  ``defDEF''  to
64       ``3'', etc.  Dialing prefixes, such as ``1'' and ``011'' (for long dis‐
65       tance calling in the United States) need not be included  if  an  unam‐
66       biguous  number  is  specified.   Examples of unambiguous phone numbers
67       are:
68              +31.77.594.131      to call the Netherlands
69              +14159657824        to call California
70              9657824             to make a local call
71              1-215-356-1666      to call Pennsylvania from within the US
72       Non-numeric strings, such as ``*70'' (to defeat call waiting),  may  be
73       included  in  the  destination  phone  number.  Whether or not they are
74       stripped from the string used to dial the destination  fax  machine  is
75       dependent  on  the  dialstring  rules configured for use on the server;
76       c.f.  hylafax-config(5F) and dialrules(5F).
78       A destination may also be specified as user@fax-number.  In  this  case
79       the  user  string  will  be  passed  to faxcover as the identity of the
80       recipient.  Note that multi-word names must be enclosed in quote marks;
81       for example, ``Sam Leffler@+1.415.555.1212''.
83       The  order  of options on the command line is significant.  Each fax to
84       be transmitted is assigned the current value of parameters specified on
85       the  command  line; e.g. whether or not to generate a cover page.  This
86       means that options that specify parameters for a particular destination
87       must precede the dialstring specified with the -d option.  For example,
89              sendfax -n -d 5551212 /etc/passwd
91       submits a fax to 5551212 that has no cover page while
93              sendfax -d 5551212 -n /etc/passwd
95       submits  the  same  fax but with the default cover page handling.  Note
96       also that parameter values persist across -d options so the following
98              sendfax -n -d 5551212 -d 5551313 /etc/network
100       submits two facsimile, both of which have no cover page.


103       -1          Transmit facsimile documents using 1-D MH compression.   By
104                   default  HylaFAX  will  use  the optimal compression scheme
105                   supported by the transmitting modem and receiving facsimile
106                   device.
108       -2          Transmit  facsimile  documents using 2-D MR compression, if
109                   possible.  By default HylaFAX will use the optimal compres‐
110                   sion scheme supported by the transmitting modem and receiv‐
111                   ing facsimile device.
113       -3          Transmit facsimile documents using 2-D MMR compression,  if
114                   possible.  By default HylaFAX will use the optimal compres‐
115                   sion scheme supported by the transmitting modem and receiv‐
116                   ing facsimile device.
118       -a time     Schedule  transmission  up  to  one  year in advance at the
119                   indicated time.  Time is specified in the  format:  ``HH:MM
120                   [AM|PM]  |  now  [+  N  period | month DD | dayofweek ] [ @
121                   timeofday ]´´ where month  can  be  Jan(uary),  Feb(ruary),
122                   Mar(ch),  Apr(il),  May, Jun(e), Jul(y), Aug(ust), Sep(tem‐
123                   ber), Oct(ober), Nov(ember), or Dec(ember); period  can  be
124                   minute(s), hour(s), day(s), week(s), or month(s); dayofweek
125                   can  be  Mon(day),  Tue(sday),   Wed(nesday),   Thu(rsday),
126                   Fri(day),  Sat(urday),  Sun(day); e.g. ``now + 30 minutes´´
127                   to schedule transmission 30 minutes in the future.   Trail‐
128                   ing  information  in  the  time  field  (such  as  YYYY) is
129                   ignored.  By default, sendfax schedules facsimile for imme‐
130                   diate  delivery.   Time should be given in the user's local
131                   time.  Conversely, the timeofday field  restricts  the  job
132                   from  sending at various times relative to the server.  The
133                   syntax for timeofday is identical to the  TimeOfDay  syntax
134                   found in hylafax-config(5F).
136       -A          Archive  the job on the server according to the bin/archive
137                   script when the job is done.
139       -b speed    Transmit facsimile documents using a signalling  rate  that
140                   is  constrained  to  be at least speed bits/second.  If the
141                   specified speed is greater than the transmitting  modem  or
142                   receiver is capable of, it is reduced to the highest possi‐
143                   ble speed both devices support.  If a negotiated signalling
144                   rate  greater  than  or equal to speed cannot be negotiated
145                   then the job is aborted.  Possible speeds are: 2400,  4800,
146                   7200,  9600,  12000,  14400,  16800,  19200,  21600, 24000,
147                   26400, 28800, 31200, and 33600.  By  default  HylaFAX  will
148                   use the fastest possible rate supported by the transmitting
149                   modem and receiving facsimile device.
151       -B speed    Try to transmit facsimile documents using the desired  sig‐
152                   nalling rate.  Possible speeds are: 2400, 4800, 7200, 9600,
153                   12000, 14400, 16800, 19200,  21600,  24000,  26400,  28800,
154                   31200,  and  33600.  If the specified speed is greater than
155                   the transmitting modem or receiver is  capable  of,  it  is
156                   reduced to the highest possible speed both devices support.
157                   By default HylaFAX will use the fastest possible rate  sup‐
158                   ported  by  the  transmitting modem and receiving facsimile
159                   device (unless restricted by other  server  configuration);
160                   this  option  can  be  used to reduce the speed.  Note that
161                   international  calls  are  frequently  more  reliable  when
162                   transmissions  are  restricted  to  9600  bits/second.  For
163                   Class 1/1.0 devices, if the specified speed is not  greater
164                   than  14400  then  V.34  will  not be attempted, and if the
165                   specified speed is 9600 or 7200 then V.29 will  be  assumed
166                   in lieu of V.17.
168       -c comments Pass  comments  to the faxcover(1) program for inclusion in
169                   the comments field of any generated cover page.
171       -C file     Pass file to the faxcover(1) program for use as  the  cover
172                   page template.
174       -D          Enable  notification  by electronic mail when the facsimile
175                   has been delivered.  By default  HylaFAX  will  notify  the
176                   submitter only if there is a problem with a job.
178       -d destination
179                   Create  a  job to transmit the supplied documents to a fac‐
180                   simile machine at the indicated destination.  If the desti‐
181                   nation is of the form ``user@phone-number#subaddress'' then
182                   any cover page will show user as  the  intended  recipient,
183                   and the remote system will be supplied the subaddress value
184                   (i.e. for routing) provided that the sending modem and  the
185                   receiving system support it.
187       -E          Disable  use of the Error Correction Mode (ECM) when trans‐
188                   mitting page data. Setting ECM to false will limit the max‐
189                   imum  speed  to 14400 bps.  By default HylaFAX will attempt
190                   to use ECM when both the transmitting modem  and  receiving
191                   device support it.  Note that international calls are some‐
192                   times faster when ECM is disabled.  Beware also  that  some
193                   modems  and/or  facsimile devices do not properly implement
194                   ECM causing transmission failures.
196       -e name     Use name as the name value in the outbound call identifica‐
197                   tion.
199       -f from     Use  from  as the identity of the facsimile sender.  Other‐
200                   wise the sender is the  user  that  invoked  sendfax.   The
201                   sender  is  an  account  name to which the HylaFAX software
202                   should direct notification messages.  The from identity may
203                   be  a  full-blown  ``From:''  line,  e.g.   e.g. ``Joe Blow
204                   <joe@foo.com>'' and ``joe@foo.com (Joe Blow)'' are  accept‐
205                   able.   If no host-part is specified in the from string the
206                   local hostname is used.  This option is useful when sendfax
207                   is invoked on behalf of another user, such as in the imple‐
208                   mentation of an electronic mail to fax gateway.
210       -F format   Use the specified format when imaging tag lines on outgoing
211                   pages.  Consult the description of the TagLineFormat param‐
212                   eter in hylafax-config(5F) for an  explanation  of  how  to
213                   construct a format string.
215                   Note  that  many locales require that proper identification
216                   appear on all transmitted facsimile; when using this facil‐
217                   ity one should always include proper identification (e.g. a
218                   phone number) in the imaged taglines.
220       -G          Enable usage of any extended resolutions supported  by  the
221                   receiver.  -G supersedes the usage of any -l or -m options.
222                   Beware that increased resolution will increase transmission
223                   time.
225       -h [modem@]host[:port]
226                   Force  the  jobs  to  be  processed on a specific host and,
227                   optionally, using a particular  modem.   The  host  may  be
228                   either   a  symbolic  name  or  a  network  address.   IPv6
229                   addresses are given in ``[xx:xx::x]:port'' format.   If  no
230                   -h  option is supplied, sendfax uses the FAXSERVER environ‐
231                   ment variable to identify the HylaFAX server to  which  the
232                   jobs  should  be  directed.  If no server is specified then
233                   sendfax attempts to contact a server on the local host.  If
234                   no  modem  is  specified,  the job will be submitted to any
235                   available modem.
237       -i identifier
238                   Use the identifier  string  in  any  notification  messages
239                   instead of the usual job identifier number.  This option is
240                   useful for applications that cross  reference  notification
241                   messages against job submissions.
243       -I time     If  a job must be requeued because of a communication fail‐
244                   ure schedule the retry according  to  the  specified  time.
245                   Times  are  given in seconds.  Minutes, hours, and days can
246                   be specified with ``min'', ``hour'', and ``day''  suffixes,
247                   respectively.   By  default  HylaFAX reschedules jobs using
248                   retry times that depend on the  manner  in  which  the  job
249                   failed;  this  interface  permits  a  user to override this
250                   algorithm and specify a single fixed  retry  time  for  all
251                   communication failures.
253       -k time     Kill the job if it does not complete in the indicated time.
254                   The time is specified using notation identical  to  the  -a
255                   option.   Note that the time is relative to the time of the
256                   initial time-to-send.  The default kill time is ``now  +  3
257                   hours''  (three  hours  from the time the job is first pro‐
258                   cessed).  To retry for an hour, ``now +1  hour''  could  be
259                   used.
261       -l          Transmit  the  facsimile  at  a  vertical  resolution of 98
262                   lines/inch; otherwise known as low resolution.
264       -m          Transmit the facsimile at  a  vertical  resolution  of  196
265                   lines/inch;  otherwise  known  as medium resolution or fine
266                   mode.
268       -M mst      Transmit facsimile documents using  the  specified  minimum
269                   scanline  time.  Possible times are: 0ms, 5ms, 10ms2, 10ms,
270                   20ms2, 20ms, 40ms2, and 40ms.  If  the  specified  time  is
271                   less than the transmitting modem or receiver is capable of,
272                   it is increased to the lowest possible  time  both  devices
273                   support.   By  default HylaFAX will use the lowest possible
274                   time supported by the transmitting modem and receiving fac‐
275                   simile device (unless restricted by other server configura‐
276                   tion).  This option is mostly useful for debugging.
278       -n          Suppress the automatic generation of a cover page for  sub‐
279                   sequent  facsimile.   Note  that  polling  requests  do not
280                   receive a cover page unless  they  are  combined  with  the
281                   transmission of one or more files.
283       -N          Do  not  notify the sender by electronic mail when the fac‐
284                   simile has been delivered or requeued.
286       -o login    Specify the fax owner login  name,  replacing  any  FAXUSER
287                   environment  variable that may be set for the same purpose.
288                   If neither is specified, the user's current login  name  is
289                   used.   The login password may also be provided by separat‐
290                   ing it from  the  owner  login  name  with  a  colon,  like
291                   ``owner:pass''.
293       -O option:value
294                   Submit  option  with the indicated value as a job parameter
295                   in  the  client-server  protocol  for  the  job.   Multiple
296                   instances  of  this  command-line  option may be used.  The
297                   following options are currently supported:
299                   Option       Value Type        Description
300                   ignoremodembusy boolean           whether or not to ignore modem busy status (requires server configuration to allow)
301                   nocountcover    integer           don't include this number of initial pages in the page counting
302                   serverdocover   boolean           whether or not the server should generate the cover-page, if configured
303                   skippages       integer           assume this number of pages in the first document have already been sent
304                   skippedpages    integer           assume this number of pages in unsubmitted documents were previously sent
305                   usecolor        string            whether or not to use color ("yes"/"no") and only color ("only")
306                   usesslfax       string            whether or not to use SSL Fax ("yes"/"no")
307                   config          string            override configuration with this setting
308                   timezone        string            time zone locale setting to use in tagline formatting
309                   probeonly       integer           "1" terminates once a fax call is established, "2" when handshaking received
311       -p          Poll each destination for any available  documents.   If  a
312                   poll  request  is made together with document transmission,
313                   the poll operation is done after the documents  are  trans‐
314                   mitted.   Documents received by polling are returned to the
315                   sender by electronic mail.
317       -P priority Assign the  specified  scheduling  priority  to  subsequent
318                   jobs.  A priority is an integer value in the range [0-255].
319                   Lower values result  in  higher  priority  processing.   By
320                   default, each job is assigned 127 for an initial scheduling
321                   priority.  If a job's priority is greater than  bulk  faxes
322                   then the job's priority is raised (numerically lowered) for
323                   each failed attempt to transmit so that retransmit attempts
324                   are  done  ahead  of  newly submitted jobs.  In the case of
325                   bulk faxes (numerically higher than 190),  then  the  job's
326                   priority  is  lowered  (numerically raised) for each failed
327                   attempt to transmit so that the whole  of  the  bulk-queued
328                   jobs  will be attempted before any are retried.  The prior‐
329                   ity may also be specified as one of the following  symbolic
330                   names:  default  or  normal  (127), bulk or junk (191), low
331                   (190), or high (63).
333       -R          Enable notification by electronic mail when  the  facsimile
334                   has  been delivered and when it is requeued for retransmis‐
335                   sion.  By default HylaFAX will notify the submitter only if
336                   there is a problem with a job.
338       -r regarding
339                   Pass  regarding  to the faxcover(1) program as the value of
340                   the ``Re:'' field of any generated cover page.
342       -s size     Set the page size to use  for  the  transmitted  facsimile.
343                   Facsimile  are  normally  imaged with a system-default page
344                   size (usually letter-size pages, 8.5" by 11", for sites  in
345                   North America).  Alternate page sizes are specified symbol‐
346                   ically using either the name or abbreviation of an entry in
347                   the pagesizes(5F) database; e.g.  a3 (ISO A3), a4 (ISO A4),
348                   a5 (ISO A5), a6 (ISO A6), b4 (ISO B4), na-let (North Ameri‐
349                   can  Letter),  us-leg  (American  Legal),  us-led (American
350                   Ledger), us-exe (American Executive), jp-let (Japanese Let‐
351                   ter),  and  jp-leg (Japanese Legal).  Comparisons are case-
352                   insensitive and any match of a substring of the full  page-
353                   size name is sufficient; e.g. ``legal'' would match ``Amer‐
354                   ican Legal''.
356                   Note that it may not be permissible to image into the  full
357                   page  area;  the guaranteed reproducible area for a page is
358                   typically inset.  Also,  note  that  while  arbitrary  page
359                   sizes can be specified through the page size database, only
360                   a limited set of page dimensions are supported by the Group
361                   3  facsimile  protocol.   Thus  if an odd-size facsimile is
362                   submitted for transmission it may not be possible to deter‐
363                   mine  if  it  can  be sent until the fax server establishes
364                   communication with the remote facsimile machine.
366       -S tsi      Pass tsi to the server as the suggested sender  identifica‐
367                   tion  to  be  used, for example, in tagline imaging and fax
368                   protocol.
370       -t tries    Make no more than tries attempts to send the facsimile.  (A
371                   try  is a call in which carrier is established and the fac‐
372                   simile protocol is commenced; this  is  contrasted  with  a
373                   call  attempt  that  might have failed because the line was
374                   busy.)  Without specifying a "tries" value  to  the  server
375                   HylaFAX  will, with some exceptions, make an unlimited num‐
376                   ber of attempts to completely send the facsimile before the
377                   kill  time  expires.  (The exceptions are that HylaFAX will
378                   terminate a job if 3 consecutive attempts to send a partic‐
379                   ular page fail, or if it appears the receiver is not a fac‐
380                   simile machine.)  Use ``-1''  to  indicate  that  no  tries
381                   value should be specified to the server.
383       -T maxdials Make  no more than maxdials calls in attempting to send the
384                   facsimile.  By default, HylaFAX will redial 12 times before
385                   killing  a  job.   Use  ``-1'' to indicate that no maxdials
386                   value should be specified to the server.
388       -U voice-no Pass voice-no to the faxcover(1) program  as  the  sender's
389                   voice number.
391       -u number   Use number as the number value in the outbound call identi‐
392                   fication and in tagline generation.
394       -V voice-no Pass voice-no to the faxcover(1) program as the destination
395                   person's voice number.
397       -w          Wait for the job to complete before ending the sendfax ses‐
398                   sion.  If this option is used, the sendfax process will not
399                   terminate until the job is completed.
401       -W fax-no   Pass  fax-no to the faxcover(1) program as the sender's fax
402                   number.
404       -x company  Pass company to the faxcover(1) program as the  destination
405                   company name.
407       -X company  Pass  company  to  the  faxcover(1) program as the sender's
408                   company name.
410       -y location Pass location to the faxcover(1) program as the destination
411                   company's location.
413       -Y location Pass  location  to  the faxcover(1) program as the sender's
414                   company location.
416       -z filename Read destinations from filename which contains  a  list  of
417                   the  destinations formatted identically as destinations for
418                   the -d option, one per line.  Usage of this option is simi‐
419                   lar  to  the  -d option and may be done in conjunction with
420                   other -d and -z options.
422       -v          Print information on the standard output about each conver‐
423                   sion  and  cover sheet generation operation it does.  If -v
424                   is specified twice, the protocol between  sendfax  and  the
425                   hfaxd  server  process that does the submission work on the
426                   remote machine is also displayed.


429       sendfax   reads    configuration    information    from    the    files
430       /etc/hylafax/hfaxd.conf,   /etc/hylafax/hyla.conf,   /etc/hylafax/send‐
431       fax.conf, and ~/.hylarc; in that order, with later-read settings super‐
432       seding  any  that  may  have been previously read.  Configuration files
433       follow the conventions described in hylafax-client(1).   The  following
434       configuration  parameters are recognized.  Parameters marked with ¹ are
435       not available in /etc/hylafax/hfaxd.conf :
436       Tag              Type       Default      Description
437       AutoCoverPage    boolean    Yes          automatically generate cover page
438       ChopThreshold    float      3.0          page chopping threshold
439       CoverCmd         string     see below    pathname of cover sheet program
440       Cover-Comments   string     -            cover page comments string
441       Cover-Company¹   string     -            cover page to-company name string
442       Cover-Location¹  string     -            cover page to-company location string
443       Cover-Regarding  string     -            cover page regarding string
444       Cover-Template   string     -            cover page template filename
445       Cover-Voice¹     string     -            cover page to-voice number string
446       Cover-From-Company¹         string       -cover page from-company string
447       Cover-From-Location¹        string       -cover page from-location string
448       Cover-From-Voice¹           string       -cover page from-voice number string
449       Cover-From-Fax¹  string     -            cover page from-fax number string
450       DateFormat       string     -            cover page date format string
451       DesiredEC        integer    2            desired type of ECM
452       DesiredMST       string     -            desired minimum scanline time to use
453       DesiredSpeed     integer    -            desired signalling rate to use
454       DialRules        string     see below    file containing dialstring rules
455       From             string     -            sender's identity
456       HRes             float      204.         horizontal resolution
457       Host             string     localhost    host to contact for service
458       KillTime         string     -            time to expire job
459       MailAddr         string     -            mail address for notification messages
460       MaxDials         integer    12           times to retry dialing
461       MaxTries         integer    3            times to retry transmission
462       MinSpeed         integer    -            minimum acceptable signalling rate
463       Modem            string     -            modem to use on server
464       Notify           string     none         control email notification
465       PageChop         string     default      control page chop handling
466       PageLength       float      -            page length in millimeters
467       PageSize         string     default      page size by name
468       PageWidth        float      -            page width in millimeters
469       PassiveMode      boolean    false        whether or not to use passive mode
470       Port             integer    4559         port to use in contacting server
471       Priority         string     default      job scheduling priority
472       Protocol         string     tcp          protocol to use in contacting server
473       RetryTime        string     -            delay between failed attempts to send
474       SendTime         string     -            time to send job
475       TagLine          string     -            tagline format string
476       Timeout          integer    3600         timeout in seconds waiting for server response
477       TSI              string     -            sender identification to use
478       TypeRules        string     see below    file containing file typing rules
479       VRes             float      98.          vertical resolution
480       Verbose          boolean    No           whether or not to enable protocol tracing
482       The configuration parameters are explained below.   Certain  configura‐
483       tion  parameters,  notably  those  for setting strings on automatically
484       generated cover pages, are defined mainly for use by other HylaFAX pro‐
485       grams that share common code used by sendfax.
487       AutoCoverPage   Control  whether  or  not a cover page is automatically
488                       generated for each job.  (Equivalent to the -n option.)
490       ChopThreshold   The amount of white space,  in  inches,  that  must  be
491                       present  at  the  bottom  of a page before HylaFAX will
492                       attempt to truncate the page transmission.
494       CoverCmd        The absolute pathname of the program to use to generate
495                       cover  pages.   The  default  cover  sheet  program  is
496                       /usr/bin/faxcover.
498       Cover-Comments  The comments string to pass to the cover sheet  program
499                       when auto-generating cover pages.
501       Cover-Company   The  to-company  name string to pass to the cover sheet
502                       program when auto-generating cover pages.
504       Cover-Location  The to-company location string to  pass  to  the  cover
505                       sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.
507       Cover-Regarding The regarding string to pass to the cover sheet program
508                       when auto-generating cover pages.
510       Cover-Template  The absolute pathname of a cover sheet template file to
511                       use in auto-generating cover pages.
513       Cover-Voice     The  to-voice  number string to pass to the cover sheet
514                       program when auto-generating cover pages.
516       Cover-From-Company
517                       The from-company name string to pass to the cover sheet
518                       program when auto-generating cover pages.
520       Cover-From-Location
521                       The  from-location  string  to  pass to the cover sheet
522                       program when auto-generating cover pages.
524       Cover-From-Voice
525                       The from-voice number string to pass to the cover sheet
526                       program when auto-generating cover pages.
528       Cover-From-Fax  The  from-fax  number string to pass to the cover sheet
529                       program when auto-generating cover pages.
531       DateFormat      The strftime(3) format string to pass to the cover page
532                       command when auto-generating cover pages.
534       DesiredEC       Which  type of the optional Error Correct Mode (ECM) to
535                       use when transmitting facsimile.  0 to disable,  1  for
536                       64-byte ECM, and 2 for 256-byte ECM (default).
538       DesiredMST      The desired minimum scanline time to use when transmit‐
539                       ting facsimile.  (Equivalent to the -M option.)
541       DesiredSpeed    The desired signalling rate to the use  when  transmit‐
542                       ting facsimile.  (Equivalent to the -B option.)
544       DialRules       The name of the file containing the dialstring process‐
545                       ing rules to when preparing an externally visible  rep‐
546                       resentation  of  the  dialstring  (e.g. to strip credit
547                       card numbers).  By default this  is  /etc/hylafax/dial‐
548                       rules.
550       From            The sender's identity.  (Equivalent to the -f option.)
552       Host            The host to contact for service.  (Equivalent to the -h
553                       option.)
555       HRes            The horizontal resolution to use when transmitting fac‐
556                       simile.  (NB: this currently has no effect.)
558       KillTime        The expiration time to assign to each job.  (Equivalent
559                       to the -k option.)
561       MailAddr        The electronic mail address to direct notification mes‐
562                       sages  from  the  server.   If this string is specified
563                       without an ``@hostname'' part then the  local  hostname
564                       will  automatically be appended.  (Equivalent to the -f
565                       option.)
567       MaxDials        The maximum number of times to dial the phone for  each
568                       job.  (Equivalent to the -T option.)
570       MaxTries        The  maximum  number  of  times to retry sending a job.
571                       (Equivalent to the -t option.)
573       MinSpeed        The minimum acceptable  signalling  rate  to  use  when
574                       transmitting facsimile.  (Equivalent to the -b option.)
576       Modem           The  modem to use on the server.  (Equivalent to the -h
577                       option.)
579       Notify          Control  the  email  notification  messages  from   the
580                       server.   This string may be one of ``done'', ``none'',
581                       ``requeued'' or ``default'' with an optionally  preced‐
582                       ing  ``when  '' (e.g. ``when done'').  Note that ``when
583                       requeued'' implies ``when done''.  (Equivalent  to  the
584                       -D, -R, and -N options.)
586       PageChop        Control page chop handling when transmitting facsimile.
587                       This string may be one of ``none'', ``all'', or ``last'
588                       to  have  no  pages chopped, all pages chopped, or only
589                       the last page chopped; respectively.  Page chopping  is
590                       controlled by the ChopThreshold parameter.
592       PageLength      Set the transmitted page length in millimeters.
594       PageSize        Set  the  page  dimensions according to an entry in the
595                       pagesizes(5F) database.  (Equivalent to the -s option.)
597       PageWidth       Set the transmitted page width in millimeters.
599       PassiveMode     Whether or not to use  passive  mode  in  communication
600                       with the server.
602       Port            The  network  port to contact for service.  (Equivalent
603                       to the -h option.)
605       Priority        The scheduling priority to assign to each job.  (Equiv‐
606                       alent to the -P option.)
608       Protocol        The name of the communication protocol to use when con‐
609                       tacting a server.  (Equivalent to the FAXSERVICE  envi‐
610                       ronment variable.)
612       RetryTime       The time to delay between job retries due to a communi‐
613                       cation failure.  (Equivalent to the -I option.)
615       SendTime        The time to send jobs.  (Equivalent to the -a option.)
617       TagLine         The tagline format string to use when transmitting fac‐
618                       simile.  (Equivalent to the -F option.)
620       TSI             The sender identification to use when transmitting fac‐
621                       simile.  (Equivalent to the -S option.)
623       TypeRules       The name of the file containing  file  type  conversion
624                       rules.  By default this is /etc/hylafax/typerules.
626       Timeout         The timeout, in seconds, to wait for a server response.
628       Verbose         Control  protocol  tracing.   (Equivalent  to  the  -vv
629                       option.)
631       VRes            Set the vertical resolution in lines/inch to  use  when
632                       transmitting  facsimile.   (Equivalent to the -m and -l
633                       options.)


636       The following messages are generated because of problems encountered on
637       the local machine.
639       Could  not call server.  The facsimile server on the remote machine did
640       not respond.
642       No input data; transmission aborted.  No data was  supplied  (typically
643       on the standard input).  No facsimile will be sent.
645       Error  converting  data; command was  %s."  A data conversion operation
646       failed; the shell command that was used is printed.
648       Can not convert %s.  Data needed to be converted for transmission,  but
649       the  required  conversion rule was not located.  This may indicate that
650       the HylaFAX software was incorrectly installed; or perhaps that an NFS-
651       mounted directory is temporarily unavailable.
653       %s: Can not determine file type.  sendfax was unable to deduce the type
654       of the file.
656       %s: Not a regular file.  The file is something  other  than  a  regular
657       file; for example, a directory.
659       The  following  messages  may  be  printed  by sendfax.  These messages
660       describe problems encountered by  the  server  process  on  the  remote
661       machine.   This  list is incomplete; other messages may be generated by
662       the server under unusual circumstances.


665       ~/.hylarc                    per-user configuration file
666       /etc/hylafax/hyla.conf       system-wide configuration file
667       /etc/hylafax/sendfax.conf    system-wide configuration file
668       /etc/hylafax/typerules       file type and conversion rules
669       /etc/hylafax/pagesizes       page size database
670       /etc/hylafax/dialrules       optional client dialstring rules
671       /usr/bin/faxcover            for generating cover sheets
672       /usr/sbin/textfmt            for converting text to PostScript
673       /usr/sbin/sgi2fax            for converting SGI RGB images
674       /var/spool/hylafax/tmp/sndfaxXXXXXXtemporary files


677       at(1),   hylafax-client(1),   faxalter(1),   faxcover(1),   faxmail(1),
678       faxrm(1),   faxstat(1),  sgi2fax(1),  textfmt(1),  hfaxd(8C),  hylafax-
679       server(5F), typerules(5F)
683                               January 06, 2001                     SENDFAX(1)